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Mountain Lakes Lacrosse

Mountain Lakes Lacrosse has more than 30 Years of tradition. Did you know that there are over 2700 High Schools in the United States that play Boys Lacrosse? Did you know that Mountain Lakes won the 2007 & 2008 Tournament of Championships? Did you know that Lacrosse is called the “Fastest game on two feet” and is the fastest growing sport in the United States? Did you know that right now there are over 30 boys playing lacrosse in college who graduated from Mountain Lakes High School?

More about Tim Flynn

Tim Flynn has been the head boy's varsity lacrosse coach at Mountain Lakes High School since 1979. He has served as a physical education instructor since 1979 and took the helm as department head in 1999. Flynn is past president of the New Jersey Lacrosse Coaches Association and a past trustee of the New Jersey chapter of US Lacrosse.

His resume also lists extensive awards for his coaching excellence, including New Jersey Coach of the Year bestowed by both the New Jersey Star Ledger (1987, 1989) and the New Jersey Coaches Association (1988, 1993) and he was the recipient of the Len Roland Sportsmanship Award (1990) and the Garden State Games Distinguished Service Award (1997). Flynn is a member of the New Jersey chapter of US Lacrosse Hall of Fame (inducted 1998), the NJSIAA Hall of Fame (inducted 1995) and the Montclair State College Lacrosse Hall of Fame (inducted 2009).

In 2012, Flynn was selected to be Head Coach of the US U-19 Team, and helped guide the team to a Gold Medal Championship at the U -19 World Championships in Finland. Flynn had previously served as an Assistant Coach on the US U -19 Team in the 2008 World Championships.